Three Grand Days Fishing With My Granddaughter Around Denver

Summer 2019

One of the delights of my life as a peripatetic angler is fishing with my three-year old granddaughter Aly who lives in Denver.  She loves to catch the finny creatures, having netted her first last year in Beaver Creek (See my blog Leave It To Beaver (Creek) from June 2018.).  She is a true waterbug who likes to fish, explore creeks, build dams, make mud pies…anything that has to do with water.  It’s been rewarding to see her embrace nature instead of being fearful of the outdoors and to teach her how handle worms, bugs, and other critters safely.

No Fear!

I visit her and her Daddy Matthew frequently in Denver, so am always on the lookout for a new fishing spot with fast action to satisfy a toddler.  Preferably, it will be one that features easy access and other après angling outdoor activities and entertainment given the normal one-hour attention span of a three-year old.  I have found three that fill the bill in the Denver area:  Davis Ponds in Staunton State Park about 45 minutes west of the city, Lake Mary in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Denver, and what I call the Kid’s Pond in Bear Creek Park on the west side of the metro area in Lakewood.  They satisfy my criteria above and offer a variety of fish from trout to sunfish to bass….and lots of them!

Staunton State Park And Bear Creek Park
Bear Creek Park and Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR

In addition to providing direction to the best fishing spots on these waters, I first offer some tips and advice on tackle, techniques, baits/lures as well as other activities when the youthful angler’s ardor wanes.

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