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  1. Dear HooknFly: my wife and I stay 10 days in August each summer with John/Bobbie Martin (@ jct of Mineral and Cebolla creeks) since 1996. Prior to that we stayed at Youmans’ Powderhorn Cabins. We are avid fly fishers, not as good as you I am sure. I began my BLM career in the Gunnison area in 1974 and it got into my blood…retired now. We are interested in your info on Pauline, Perfecto, Cochetopa creeks. We fish Pinos and Pauline creeks but just near the roads that travel by. Getting into my 70s makes me a little shy to adventure to new roads, or get caught in a summer shower and have to sit for a while. I guess I need to get a USFS road #s map so I can better figure out your directions.
    Richard Crowe

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    1. Hi Richard. Roads to all the creeks you mentioned are usually fine especially Cochetopa. Give Chavez Creek a try above its confluence with Perfecto. Only a short 20 minute hike from the corral as mentioned in my blog on Chavez Creek. Feel free to give me a call to discuss directions. 303-881-6066. Chris Duerksen


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