Treasure Creek, CO–It’s A Gem

Just received a belated Christmas gift from Santa–in its January issue Southwest Fly Fishing published my article on fishing Treasure Creek in Southern Colorado!  Click on the link below to see the full article.

treasure creek article sw fly fishing jan 2020

20 thoughts on “Treasure Creek, CO–It’s A Gem

  1. Congratulations. This is well-deserved recognition for a plethora of great blog articles written over multiple years. Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2020.


  2. Chris, I loved this piece. It might be the best piece of your writing I’ve read and certainly one of the best articles I’ve read on Colorado back country fly fishing. I really appreciated the quality of the prose, the history of the area, and the environmental concerns we should be aware of. And the photography and fish were terrific. Well done. I was out in sw CO in late June and early July but at that point it didn’t look like the waters were ever going to come back down. I tried south park but just too much water, so I bugged out. Good to see that Treasure Creek had so much water in late July, though, but increased flows must have made it more challenging wading for you, too. So different from 2018 and earlier. I’ll take the snowpack, and it looks like we’re on target for another 2019 summer in 2020.


  3. Hello Chris,I really enjoyed this article.I’m definetly going to make the trip to fish this gem.Much like the pure genetic Golden trout of the Kern river system the Rio Grande Cutt is on my ” To catch list ” .Your article has inspired me to make it happen this summer.

    I read your other articles as well and enjoyed the flavor of your writing.Great info to as I have fished both Grape Creek and Beaver Creek.I recently purchased a second home in Canon and hope to leave Ohio soon or divide my time between the two.

    Please continue with writing and fly fishing !

    Tight lines,
    Greg Smith


  4. My family and I enjoyed a fantastic Fourth of July 2020 on Treasure Creek, largely based on your blog post and SWFF article. Thank you, Chris. We’ve fished Pass, Park, Beaver, and the Conejos area, but never thought to turn right at Lake Annella. Man, what a creek. Bigger water than expected and Cutties up to 15″ (for us). Consistent 12″ cutthroats, which is pretty remarkable up that high. We exclusively used big patterns that consistently brought fish up, like size 12-14 Humpys, Stimulators, Trudes, and Caddis.


  5. Great article! Fishing Conejos in early Sept and your article is prompting me to take little side trip to check it out. Thank you!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Check the water levels before you go. Already restrictions on fishing Conejos after noon and Treasure Creek reportedly below 10 cfs now and likely lower in September.


  6. This used to be such an amazing place to catch 20in cuts. The last time I went I couldn’t find anything over 16ish. Still had a blast, but over the last 6-10 years and more and more fishing pressure the quality of this wild native fish have fallen off and its sad to see.


  7. The reason they don’t disclose location is to make sure only those with $500 can fish it. The vast majority of my articles require real effort to get to and only a few do so. I’m a retired environmental lawyer and can tell you from experience one of the best ways to protect fish habitat is to build a constituency of careful users.


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