2 thoughts on “Birthday Fishing Trip Part Deux: Grizzled Grandpa Garners Rare Double

  1. I follow you religiously, I too am 72 as of Aug 4 this year. And since I live In Woodland Park , Colorado too fish the same waters as you. I was at Cochetopa 2 weeks ago, fished north and south of Dome Lakes and at Eddiesville. PAuline was low but I did manage a few in an hour or so.. I am heading Back tomorrow with my wife for a few days. I am thinking of checking out Nutras and would kill to know the name of the creek in your your latest post. Of course I respect your decision either way! Perhaps we will meet on the water some day.



    1. Thx for the kind words, John! Glad your enjoying the blog. Mum is the word on that birthday creek. Sorry. Have to keep a few secret. Nutras was ok but disappointing. Some small brookies. All the old beaver ponds blown out.


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