Anglers: It Better Bug You–The Coming Insect Armageddon

March 2021

During my professional career as a land use and environmental attorney, I worked with local governments, conservationists, and biologists across the United States to protect wildlife habitat.  There were wins, there were setbacks, but I was always optimistic that we were making progress.  In retirement I have kept my finger on the pulse of things in the field while turning to a second career writing for outdoor magazines and conducting more personal on-stream piscatorial research (AKA fly fishing).  Now the two are intersecting in an unexpected and troubling way.  Entomologists are sounding the alarm about the cataclysmic decline in insects around the world, calling it the Insect Armageddon.  As pollinators, food providers, pest controllers, decomposers, and soil engineers bugs are a key part of the very foundation for all life on the planet.  That means, of course, for the fish we love to pursue.  Already we are starting to see the decline of aquatic insects that could have a devastating impact on fishing—witness the 50% drop in mayflies in the upper Midwest just since 2012. 

Goodbye Mayflies??

What can we do about it?  For some ways each of us can answer the call to action click on the Powerpoint presentation below that I will presenting at a national land use and environmental conference later this month.   The future of our sport may depend on it!!

6 thoughts on “Anglers: It Better Bug You–The Coming Insect Armageddon

  1. Chris, I love this blog. Great ideas. The power point is very informative. We have a hard row to how to help insects. Developers in our area keep doing the same damaging things and our planning staff is not very innovative. This power point is very helpful.

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  2. Hey Mister.. I have a nice old pair of neoprene from Cabelas hanging in
    A dark closet that someone can benefit from. Somehow, I outgrew
    Them. I have a place on Trout Creek Pass, and can shuffle them up
    There, if need be. James 303-859-9635


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