Exploring Two New Remote Creeks In Southern Colorado: A Preview

Late June 2021

After a busy week with my little sweetheart granddaughter Aly, I was hankering for some time in the wilds where I intended to undertake several days of serious piscatorial research on two remote creeks where the runoff had abated. I was lucky to find grand scenery and landscapes dotted with beautiful wildflowers, solitude, and loads of spunky, willing brown trout. See the video below–details to follow soon for you angling aficionados!

6 thoughts on “Exploring Two New Remote Creeks In Southern Colorado: A Preview

  1. Enjoyed very much the video and audio of your visit to the two remote streams. You’re getting real handy with the equipment. That’s my kinda fishing. I look forward to your report on the visit. I’ve some time on my hands in late July and early August and might make the run down there from Basalt. Will there be any water? what happens to these two streams in conditions like we have this year? I’m guessing caddis, maybe brown? what else?


    1. Hi Jim. Many thanks. I doubt they will have enough water by then. Check with me in a month re water levels. I used a #16 RC Trude attractor with a #18 green caddis nymph, but honestly think they would have hit just about anything. Crazy action.


  2. Great teaser post! I’ll be coming to fish the Conejos and Gunnison drainages in about a month. I hope the area gets a bit of rain over the next few weeks. Conejos down to 150 CFS now


  3. Love the video of the fish,scenery and your choice of music! I’m so ready to get back to the mountains!!


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