Conejos River Capers

Early August 2022

Neither rain nor hail shall keep the ardent angler from his appointed trail!! A great, if occasionally damp, weekend doing piscatorial research for an article on the high country headwaters of the scenic Conejos River in southern Colorado. Caught and released some bellicose brown trout and gorgeous, scrappy native Rio Grande Cutthroats. Six miles hiking roundtrip in waders and wading boots two days in a row. Not bad for a septuagenarian. Pinot Grigio elixir sped recovery. 😎 Article with details to follow.

Drought Officially Over!
Slip Sliding Away!
Lair Of The Big Brownie—Upper Conejos River
Middle Fork Conejos
Another Nice Brown
Conejos North Fork
Three Forks Valley
Adams Fork Canyon

6 thoughts on “Conejos River Capers

      1. Can you say when you will write the updated article to accompany the pics of your trip back to theConejos? I will be there in 10 days and would Lovett hav eaten insights.


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