Gar Conversion Therapy

Early November 2022

Pleased to see my article on Gar fishing highlighted in the October issue of Florida Sportsman! I’m on a mission to get more anglers fishin’ for this antediluvian finned creature. I think you’ll get a chuckle or two out of this piece. Click on the links below to download and read the full article.

5 thoughts on “Gar Conversion Therapy

  1. Fun article. It’s amazing how prehistoric these guys are, huh? I hope they survive our current extinction, #6. I haven’t screwed around with a spinning rod in many years, but I still have one with me, intending some day to meat fish for snapper or rockfish in the Mediterranean near where I live. Congratulations on figuring out how to catch those toothy critters. Gar and sturgeon have always fascinated me, for some reason.


  2. Fun read, and I’m an adamant proponent of getting people gar fishing. That said, I’m 100% on the Just Say No Rope Flies train. Consider smaller flies when sight fishing (Charlies, Clouser’s Swimming Nyph, and even Woolly Buggers tied on a #4 Gamakatsu B10S usually do the trick) or large tandem streamers when blind casting. With the latter, be sure to strip set as hard as you can. One of those hooks should find paydirt.


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