Holiday Fun With My Little Sunshine!

Late December 2022

Just back in Florida from a fun holiday week in Colorado with my sweetheart granddaughter Aly, her Daddy, and Grandma. The week was a vertible movable feast of merrymaking. I arrived in Denver to a frigid temperature of -7 degrees, but warmed up immediately with a big hug from Aly at the airport. We were soon off to do some last minute shopping together followed by a wonderful Christmas celebration–what’s better than opening presents with a six-year old. Then we tackled some of her new Legos projects–with Grandpa relegated to a role of organizing the myriad pieces by color and she doing the construction work, hit three playgrounds in one day, spent a morning at an indoor pool, and played new games like Villain Monopoly and Exploding Kittens card game, both in which she crushed Grandpa, showing no mercy. A record snowstorm hit a few days later so we got to play in the white stuff with some sledding and building a snowman on the agenda followed by some real snow snow cones. On New Year’s Eve we rang in the new year with a tour of the best decorated holiday houses in the neighborhood and a stunning light show at a local venue. What a grand finale to a perfect stay.

I took the red eye back to Florida on New Year’s Day and immediately started the thawing process!

My best to all my friends and readers for 2023!

8 thoughts on “Holiday Fun With My Little Sunshine!

  1. I lived in Ken Caryl for many years. Was that the Foothills Rec pool in South Jeffco? Looks like you had great times with your Sunshine. I miss mine across the ocean, but ⅔ of them visiting me in late April. Hurray.


      1. By the way, I’m thinking about getting a gravel e-bike to cruise around here. There’s a tremendous trail system and Girona is the bike capital of Western Europe. Miles of trail along my trout stream, and I don’t own a car. You’re an active older guy. Do you know anything about these things? They seem to be pretty popular among the geriatric crowd.


      2. Don’t have one myself but several of my cycling friends do and Ive seen a few on the roads down here around Everglades City. They do seem to be getting popular but quite pricey.


    1. Thx John. Glad you’re enjoying the posts. I’ve had a couple of great days in late November and early December but fishing has been spotty. First it was too much freshwater from Ian and than some very cold weather in the low 40s in late December that killed some fish. Things seem to be picking up a bit this past week. Hope you have a good 2023. Chris


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