Thanks Readers And Friends!!

It’s been a rewarding year writing my blog, and as of September 1st the number of views and visitors just surpassed all of 2017! 50,000 views and 20,000 visitors are in sight for 2018. As well as providing an admitted excuse to go fishing and explore remote places, my main goal is to help reinforce and build the constituency to preserve and protect these wild and wonderful places. An added and very satisfying benefit has been connecting with people and making new friends around the USA and the world—readers from over 50 countries. One example—a fellow from Australia is planning to come over and kayak fish with me next year!! But I think most gratifying and unexpected have been the heartwarming stories from readers like the young college student who wrote to say she had been searching for the name and location of the lake where her grandfather, who had recently passed away, took her fishing as a young girl. She wanted to revisit that special place as a tribute to him. She couldn’t find it until she happened to read my article on Island Lake in Colorado, and when she saw my photos knew that was the place. Brought tears to my eyes as I thought of the fishing trips I’ve been taking with my little granddaughter Aly and her Daddy this summer. Other readers shared happy memories of having fished, in their younger days, the creeks and lakes featured in my blog. In doing so they have enriched my life and made me determined to share more stories of special places in the coming year, knees willing and the creeks don’t rise!

Let’s All Take Someone Fishing And Make Memories For Them And Us!

8 thoughts on “Thanks Readers And Friends!!

  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog tremendously in 2018. Every script has been a little “get away” for me.
    I too am one of your fans that happens to reminisce of my younger years fishing with my father and uncles. Thank you.
    Keep fishing Chris


  2. I am one of the early readers of your blog and I always enjoy it. I love that you go to the wild places and they so need protecting. We need to cherish them. Especially during these scary times. You have inspired me to go look for a picture of me that I know exists that shows me holding a 6 pound bass that I caught in Missouri one summer.


  3. When I was young, I used to come home from school, grab the bamboo fly rod w/ automatic reel, and head out to the trout stream that ran through our Black Hills ranch. Got away from fly fishing when I returned from Alaska at about age 25, and am now an old retired guy. Just retired from San Diego to Colorado, and your musings are a great help to me re a multitude of things….places, techniques, etc. as I re-enter the world of fly fishing. Thanks for be willing to share your time with us. It is MUCH appreciated.


  4. Let me know on when you want my tips on more Southern Colorado, Platoro/Conejos.

    I have enjoyed your blog, and even fished some of the places.


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