South Park Under The Radar

July 2022

I am delighted and honored that my recent piece on seeking fish and solitude in South Park, Colorado, was the lead featured article in the July/August issue of American Fly Fishing magazine. See below for a link to download the article. Now back to some more serious piscatorial research!

8 thoughts on “South Park Under The Radar

  1. This is a fantastic article! I can’t wait to try out the Knight-Imler area. Thanks!

    On Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 11:05 AM Off-The-Beaten Path Adventures and


  2. Chris, Thanks for ANOTHER great article! I have driven through that area numerous time and have always wondered about the tributaries the feed the Platte. Guess I’ll have to slow down while passing through and actually turn off the highway to explore more. John


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